A Real Breakthrough In The Treatment Of Canine Cancer

The Science Behind Tumexal™

One of the most remarkable discoveries of the past decade has been that a very high percentage of all cancers, whether in humans or animals, have inactivating mutations in the p53 tumor suppressor gene. Clearly, eliminating p53 tumor suppressor protein activity is an important, even critical initiation event in the pathway to cancer. P53 has many functions in the cell, but the major function that concerns us here is its ability to drive cells forward in the process of differentiation— the switching on or off of specific sets of genes that enable cells to acquire the adult phenotype characteristic for the tissue of which they are predetermined to be a part. Terminal differentiation denotes the fully functional adult phenotype, at which point cells no longer have the ability to divide. Terminal differentiation is followed by programmed cell death (apoptosis), which is the natural end for every normal cell in the body. When p53 becomes inactivated by mutation, cells fail to undergo terminal differentiation, begin to express genes that they should not (for example, embryonic genes that confer the potential to invade and metastasize), escape programmed cell death and become the constantly dividing, essentially immortal cells of cancer. By inhibiting enzymes that p53 would inhibit if it were still functional, and activating other enzymes that p53 would activate if it were still functional, Tumexal™ restores p53’s differentiation function to the cancer cell, driving the cancer cell towards terminal differentiation and programmed cell death. In other words, Tumexal™, by duplicating essential functions of p53, forces cancer cells to act as if they were more normal.

Tumexal™ is also remarkable for its lack of harmful side effects. Unlike standard chemo drugs that can significantly reduce the quality of life in a treated dog, Tumexal™ is virtually toxicity free because of its novel mechanism of action.

For a much more detailed explanation of Tumexal™, and a description of some of our original clinical results, please view our PowerPoint presentation.

How is it that the scientists of CanineCare.US have come up with a treatment like Tumexal™, and not one of the big pharma drug houses? The answer is actually quite simple. Big pharma scientists are encumbered by a business model that insists in an absolute manner that every drug put into active development have billion dollar sales potential. This same business model insists that billion dollar sales potential is possible only when based upon what are called “new composition of matter” patents. Tumexal™ is a natural product for which a new composition of matter patent is not possible. But since CanineCare.US scientists are focused not on sales potential, but rather upon using cancer biology discoveries most effectively, we have been able to make progress far out of proportion to our numbers. Tumexal™ may never be a billion dollar drug, but it very well could help more dogs than all the billion dollar drugs of all the big pharma companies combined.