A Real Breakthrough in Our Understanding of Cancer!

CanineCare.US, LLC  is a research company focused on canine cancer. We are conducting research on Tumexal™ which is an exciting natural product based on the new paradigm of natural p53 tumor suppressor gene activity that has been lost as part of the cancer process. If you would like to consider having your dog with cancer participate in this research, please call 610 489 8284 for details. There is a charge for such participation, sufficient to maintain our research program. Those who have a dog  already receiving Tumexal please also call 610 833 8136 to continue the protocol.

What some people participating in this research have said about Tumexal™

“Hope, our female GSD,  105 pounds has been under your treatment since Nov. 2014 for osteosarcoma, left front leg.
Her spirit is amazing, she eats like a horse and she’s gained weight and the tumor continues to shrink!
Plays and runs along with the 3 year old female GSD we adopted 3 weeks ago!”

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“Hello Dr. Nyce

Please find below the testimonial truly heartfelt and deserved to you.
Hello fellow dog lovers,
First of all, please let me assure you that you have indeed found the right website in answer to your dog’s cancer needs.  My letter may be lengthly but I assure you that it is well worth the read.  I will tell you the story of Murphy.
Murphy is now a 13 year old healthy standard poodle and the joy of our lives.  We adopted him at 12 weeks of age and he has given us nothing but unconditional love (not like any other “baby” I am sure).  He goes everywhere with us.  He fits into any situation, any environment and grabs the heart of everyone he is around.   At the age of seven, Murphy became a St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog and we started visiting a nursing home in Wiarton, Ontario, Canada.  We always thought that Murphy, of course, in our eyes, was special, but when he visited the home not only were we astounded by the love he gave but by the love he received.  He has given joy to hundreds of people in that nursing home.  Not only the residents but the workers as well.  They all say that he is therapy for them all. As all our “babies” are, Murphy is our treasure and we are fortunate to share him with others.
At the age of 10 Murphy became very ill.  We took him to the vet over and over again but unfortunately they were unable to diagnosis what was wrong with him.  Upon referral to a specialist for possible neurological problems an xray was taken of Murphy’s lungs to unfortunately discover that he had developed nodeuals showing that he had lung cancer which mastisized from a primary tumour.  With this knowledge in hand, and within 24 hours, Internet research found us on the caninecare.us website.  An initial inquiry was sent with not only an answer but treatment sent within 3 days.  Murphy was on Tumexal within 72 hours.  Seriously from Pennsylvania to Ontario, Canada in 3 days!!!!!!!
You must also understand that Murphy was completely lethargic and showing no signs of life.  We truly thought that his time was up.
Within three weeks of being on Tumexal, Murphy returned to not only a joyous dog but more like a puppy.  It was like he was two years old all over again. He was happy, playing, running and loving life.  Not only were our prayers answered but the prayers of over 100 people at that nursing home had been answered too.
We administered Tumexal for three months and Murphy is still doing amazing.
After one year, we took Murphy for a follow-up xray to see how things were going.  Not only did it show that his original nodeuals had not grown, they had in fact shrunk.
Please believe us when we say that you have found the right place in locating this website and Professor Nyce.  His Tumexal formula saved Murphy…period!!!!
All we really wanted was to give Murphy some quality of life before his time but we have received so much more than that.  Murphy got his life back!!!
To Professor Nyce
Thank You doesn’t seem like a grand enough gesture.  Your brilliance in canine cancer, compassion, understanding and personal involvement with us is beyond compare and will never go under-appreciated.  Some day we would very much like to meet you and shake your hand.
Your genus in developing Tumexal hopefully will travel worldwide and save not only beloved dogs but the hearts of their “families”.
With gratitude,
Ken, Kristine & Murphy”
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