A Real Breakthrough In The Treatment Of Canine Cancer

Tumexal™ is an exciting, powerful new natural product for canine cancer based on a new paradigm: the restoration of natural tumor suppressor gene activity that has been lost as part of the cancer process.

Unlike traditional chemo, which is based upon the flawed, now 100 year old paradigm of toxic poisons as cancer medicines, Tumexal™ is the product of  21st century science. Rather than acting as a poison, Tumexal™ works by duplicating critical functions of the p53 tumor suppressor, inhibiting the same enzymes, and activating the same enzymes that the p53 protein would if it had not been disabled as part of the cancer process. The result is induction of programmed cell death (apoptosis) in the tumor. And with Tumexal™ there is virtually no toxicity! In fact, Tumexal™ will almost always restore a cancer-stricken dog’s appetite, spirit and energy! Because it re-activates tumor suppressor pathways that have been inactivated in most canine cancers, Tumexal™ is effective against a wide array of canine cancers.

Tumexal™ is not only a sound treatment choice, but an affordable, economical one as well. Traditional chemotherapy for lymphoma, for example, costs $5000 to $12,500! Treatment with Tumexal™ costs less than 10% of that! And Tumexal™ is available without a prescription, and can be administered in the comfort of your home, the place your dog feels safest and most secure.

What People Are Saying About Tumexal™

“Thank you for all your help with Pierre. He had his first surgery to remove a grade III mast sell tumor on his right ear the end of February, 2014, and has had two subsequent surgeries as he developed more masses extending down the right side of his neck. The last surgery left a mass that was near the right jugular vein and clean margins were not obtained. This was when CanineCare.US was contacted. The medication was sent out quickly but Pierre had stopped eating by the time we received  the Tumexal. We had to force feed it to him but he took it willingly by the third dose. His incision and skin surrounding it was red and leaking serous fluid. Within days he had a new lump in his ventral right chest, We were concerned that this may be it for Pierre. He kept taking Tumexal three times daily and we noted significant improvement in the surgery site. It healed and there is no more redness or discharge. The lump in the ventral chest is no longer palapable either… He is currently taking walks twice daily and  is eating like a horse. You would not know he had cancer. Thank you, CanineCare.”

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“I’m just blown away with how well this dog has done on Tumexal, considering the kind of cancer he has.” (Attending Veterinarian describing Fred, a Retriever mix with aggressive, inoperable thyroid carcinoma, in remission for 20 months with Tumexal)

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