A Real Breakthrough in Our Understanding of Cancer!

CanineCare.US, LLC  is a research company focused on canine cancer. We are conducting research on Tumexal™ which is an exciting natural product based on the new paradigm of natural p53 tumor suppressor gene activity that has been lost as part of the cancer process. If you would like to consider having your dog with cancer participate in this research, please call 610 489 8284 for details. There is a charge for such participation, sufficient to maintain our research program. Those who have a dog  already receiving Tumexal please also call 610 833 8136 to continue the protocol.

What some people participating in this research have said about Tumexal™

“A very interesting thing has happened with Cheyanne (squamous cell carcinoma, facial/oral)…Within four days [of treatment with Tumexal] the size of the tumor decreased in half. Yes it is still visible [but] not sticking out the way it was before. I am of course happy – however she is still not eating hardly anything – some chicken broth and a few bites of canned food each day – not enough for her to keep her strength up for sure… Any suggestions on ideas to get her to eat? I just wish I had known about you prior to me having the invasive biopsy done on her which made the tumor grow practically over night. She might have had some quality of life had I used your product and not done the surgery. But I can only do what I can with the knowledge I have at the time.”

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Thank you to Dr. Nyce and the entire team at CanineCare.US for your thoughtfulness, care, and research!  Bess, our Basset Hound, is celebrating her 13th birthday today (February 9), and is doing so much better than when she was first diagnosed on October 20, 2014, with right tonsillar squamous cell carcinoma.  After much prayer and searching for treatment options, we found CanineCare.US, and started Bess (aka “Bessie”) on Tumexal on October 30, the day after her tonsil was removed surgically.  The biopsy report confirmed the margins were not clear, and our vet could feel a lump near the site of the removed tonsil.  Before and after the surgery, Bessie could not open her mouth/jaw to eat; so, her food (which was pureed), her water, and her Tumexal were all (separately) administered to her via syringe.  She was producing a lot of clear mucus and was losing weight and muscle mass quickly.  By the end of December, we were not sure if she would be with us much longer.  However, with the New Year came renewed hope as Bessie, day by day, was showing signs of improvement—she was more alert, producing very little to no mucus, and by the second week in January, she was opening her mouth/jaw progressively wider each day when eating and drinking via syringe.  Then a major breakthrough:  On January 24, she came running into the kitchen and stood right near me, eagerly watching as I was cutting up a chicken breast for her dinner.  I gave her a tiny piece of the chicken, and she gobbled it up from my hand!  Then another piece, and she gobbled that up too!  Next, I placed the rest of the chicken breast, which was now cut/shredded into very tiny pieces, into her dog dish, placed the dish on the floor, and Bess ate the entire chicken breast all by herself!  She stared up at me, as if to say she would like more; so, we repeated the process with a second piece of chicken breast, which she also ate from her dish all by herself!  She continues to eat from her dish each day.  Again, thank you so much!”

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