A Real Breakthrough In The Treatment Of Canine Cancer

Tumexal™ is an exciting, powerful new natural product for canine cancer based on a new paradigm: the restoration of natural tumor suppressor gene activity that has been lost as part of the cancer process.

Unlike traditional chemo, which is based upon the flawed, now 100 year old paradigm of toxic poisons as cancer medicines, Tumexal™ is the product of  21st century science. Rather than acting as a poison, Tumexal™ works by duplicating critical functions of the p53 tumor suppressor, inhibiting the same enzymes, and activating the same enzymes that the p53 protein would if it had not been disabled as part of the cancer process. The result is induction of programmed cell death (apoptosis) in the tumor. And with Tumexal™ there is virtually no toxicity! In fact, Tumexal™ will almost always restore a cancer-stricken dog’s appetite, spirit and energy! Because it re-activates tumor suppressor pathways that have been inactivated in most canine cancers, Tumexal™ is effective against a wide array of canine cancers.

Tumexal™ is not only a sound treatment choice, but an affordable, economical one as well. Traditional chemotherapy for lymphoma, for example, costs $5000 to $12,500! Treatment with Tumexal™ costs less than 10% of that! And Tumexal™ is available without a prescription, and can be administered in the comfort of your home, the place your dog feels safest and most secure.

What People Are Saying About Tumexal™

“We want to thank you so much for all you have done for Madison (bronchogenic carcinoma) giving us more time with her then we could have imagined and we are so thankful for that.  Your achievements with Tumexal are remarkable.  We recommend your product to anyone that could use the help with their loved ones.  Thank you again for giving us a second chance with Maddie and working so closely with us up to her final hours.  Take Care.”
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“Hi Professor. Wanted to update you on Keaira (Bernese Mountain dog, recurrent mass cell cancer). The tumors (below left, before treatment) have receded quite a bit on her leg. She is at them less and less. She is showing no side effects and is a very happy camper (Below right)… Her appetite is quite good.  Thanks.”

keaira, beforeKeaira after

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