A Real Breakthrough in Our Understanding of Cancer!

CanineCare.US, LLC  is a research company focused on canine cancer. We are conducting research on Tumexal™ which is an exciting natural product based on the new paradigm of natural p53 tumor suppressor gene activity that has been lost as part of the cancer process. If you would like to consider having your dog with cancer participate in this research, please call 610 489 8284 for details. There is a charge for such participation, sufficient to maintain our research program. Those who have a dog  already receiving Tumexal please also call 610 833 8136 to continue the protocol.

What some people participating in this research have said about Tumexal™

It’s a miracle! My dog was all but dead. I thought I was going to have to bury him. But on Tumexal he’s made a complete come back. It’s really amazing.” (Black Labrador, splenic hemangiosarcoma metastatic to the liver)


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“Dear Professor,

It is with a very heavy heart that I am sending this email to you today. I had to let Harley, my Westie (TCC, bladder), and baby girl go and cross over the rainbow bridge.
I wanted to say thank you for your work and dedication to finding something that works and helps provide extra loving time with our special canine friends/children and your thoughtfulness and professionalism during your clients’ difficult times helps to keep us fighting for them.  You gave me 2 years and 4 months longer than the oncologist and vet told me we would have together and she was never sick one day from the treatment. Harley was diagnosed at 9 yrs and passed away today just passed her 12th birthday! I will forever be grateful to you and tumexal for giving me these wonderful blessed happy days with her. Everyone was always shocked at how well she was doing. She was never in pain not one min until today.
Please keep up the great work so others can have this extra loving time with their special ones and hopefully find a cure for these innocent animals/ furry friends/ children.
Thank you again.

Sincerely and Best Regards,

Nicole “
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