A Real Breakthrough in Our Understanding of Cancer!

CanineCare.US, LLC  is a research company focused on canine cancer. We are conducting research on Tumexal™ which is an exciting natural product based on the new paradigm of natural p53 tumor suppressor gene activity that has been lost as part of the cancer process. If you would like to consider having your dog with cancer participate in this research, please call 610 489 8284 for details. There is a charge for such participation, sufficient to maintain our research program.

What some people participating in this research have said about Tumexal™

“In August of 2014 our dog collapsed with no response.  She was rushed to the hospital where they administered an ultrasound.  We were told that the screening showed a massive inoperable tumor in her liver, nothing could be done, and she would die very soon.  Would we like her immediately euthanized? My heart stopped, I could barely breathe, and brought her home to stay close to her, and let her be near her brother while praying incessantly. We discovered caninecare.us, and began reaching out to ask for help.  We started treating our precious dog with Tumexal.  Miraculously, 6 months later she is still alive, and her spirit is soaring with ours in gratitude.  We are a enjoying a peaceful Thanksgiving and meaningful Christmas holiday ‘all in one’, ‘every day’ as we watch her romp over the hills with her brother and back into our arms.  This New Year 2015 is truly a new beginning for our small family.  We are full of   gratitude to caninecare.us, and especially to Dr. Nyce for sharing his professional kindness and expertise with us. It is a new beginning! Tumexal has given our treasured family member a new lease on life, she is slowly but surely growing strong again.  However long or short a time she may be with us, it is all a plus, because we are having this unexpected happy time with her each new day!  Happy New Year Dr. Nyce, to all at caninecare.us, and to Tumexal for its positive power to truly love and heal!   Thank you so very much, Jean.”

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“Hello! I just wanted to call and let you know how well patches, our rescue dog, is doing. As you remember, she was diagnosed with mammary cancer, already metastatic to her spleen. Her veterinarian gave her 1-3 months to live. We put her on Tumexal for three months. That was 2 years ago, and she is doing great! She’s like a different dog!”

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